Easterra is a multi-layered infrastructure-based provider of integrated telecom solutions. Our operations and strategy are focused on Eastern Europe, whereas a leading managed telecom services provider, our priority is to ensure we remain a unified Company with constant development of our network. We aim to not only remain the preferred partner and supplier of telecom solutions but t o further extend our impact via progressive innovation and enhanced customer satisfaction.

We consider our region to be a unified area in which we can guarantee maximum quality of service provision. In cooperation with our partners, our well-established, reliable and high-performance network grants our partners simplified access to the entire continent. Easterra’s uniquely positioned to help our partners to optimise their cost-effectiveness by delivering cost-conscious best connectivity solution for their needs.

We are committed

Our commitment starts by listening to the customers’ needs. Easterra knows how hard our partners work to make their businesses successful. We seek to understand their needs and develop innovative communication solutions that really makes a difference in every aspect. We know exceptional service is important, and we intend to go above and beyond, and way over the top. We believe that a deeper level of trust can be built with incredible service.

We are honest

We are serious about honesty – both as it applies to the integrity of our partnerships and in being true to our service suppliers. We follow our words with actions and let the results speak for themselves.. By being forthright, we are easier to do business with and show that we have integrity.

We are local

Though we operate across the region, we live and work in the same cities as our partners. Our dedicated and skilled employees work as a team to deliver services at the highest standards and speed in the telecom industry.